Why Your Forex Trading Strategy Should Be Simple and Not Complex

Many traders and investors in the market for currencies, especially beginning ones, assume that simple Forex trading strategies are not plausible. However, the simpler ones can actually prove to be the more profitable and ideal ones too.

The problem is, we generally tend to be more impressed by complexity rather than simplicity. If a beginner reads up on a complicated trading strategy that they can hardly begin to understand, they immediately presume that the strategy in question will allow them to deduce significant profits, or at least more profits than other strategies that are less complicated. In reality, it doesn’t matter how complex or sophisticated a particular strategy is or sounds; as long as you understand your trading strategy and it actually does work when you put it to use, then you should continue to use it no matter what. If your currency trading strategy doesn’t work, then change parts of it and adapt it. Forex trading is ultimately all about trial-and-error learning, so don’t lose your confidence if you make a bad start; you should just persevere until you actually find a strategy that does work. Unfortunately many beginners don’t persevere and this is one of the main reasons why Forex traders fail.

Really, it’s pointless using a strategy that you don’t even understand, in the Forex market. In fact Forex traders, especially beginning ones, tend to fail when using more complex trading strategies. This is because not only do they struggle to understand them and get confused, but the more complex ones also tend to be less adaptable to the ever-changing market that is the currency market. The more simple Forex trading strategies on the other hand, work more effectively in general, as not only are they easier to understand and carry out, but they are also far easier to adapt and change. There’s no real need to complicate things as Forex trading is difficult already and you will only be making things even more difficult by choosing a strategy that is difficult to understand, use and adapt.

Of course if you are a more experienced Forex trader, you will be able to develop your own trading strategy that might be very complex indeed, but until you are an experienced trader, you should stick with what works. The more experienced currency traders can get away with more complex trading strategies, since they can develop their own, meaning that they actually understand their the strategies that they use and know how to adapt them in the future. After all, your trading strategy should be yours and yours only, really. Of course, you will most likely want to use a well-known one to form a basis for your own strategy, but you shouldn’t copy (or worse, buy) other Forex trading strategies ready-made because there just isn’t any real logic to this at all.

Currency trading strategies tend to develop over time naturally, among traders and investors. As already mentioned, Forex trading is all about trial-and-error learning and if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Also, even if you do eventually develop a profitable trading strategy, always be looking to test out other ones using demo accounts for example, because the conditions of the FX market are ever-changing and you need to be dynamic, if you want to be a profitable Forex trader. Unfortunately you will never know everything there is to know about Forex trading and even if you do start to profit, if you stand still you will start to go backwards.

In conclusion, your Forex trading strategy should be simple and not complex, because if it is simple you will stand more of a chance of understanding it. Simple currency trading strategies also tend to be easier to adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the market for currencies, allowing you to become a more dynamic Forex trader. Also lastly, regardless of whether you are making losses or deducing profits; always look to try new things in the Forex market and always be eager to learn more, because what works for you today might not work tomorrow. You want to aim to be a successful Forex trader in the long run and not just in the short run.

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