Forex Trading and Loneliness

Forex trading is seen to be fast-paced, full of excitement and a great opportunity to make lots of money. However, it does take a lot of studying and practicing to achieve profits consistently in the Forex market, meaning that it can be very time-consuming, which can in turn create loneliness for the individual, self-employed Forex trader.

You can begin to feel fairly isolated after trading currencies for a while, especially if you partake in day trading, which requires you to spend a lot of time at your trading platform, placing many orders each day. Also if you don’t surround yourself with other like-minded traders who trade currencies, you will struggle to get any problems out that you may encounter throughout your Forex trading career; it can be difficult to connect with others for this reason.

In order to avoid getting lonely as a Forex trader, you should try to network with like-minded individuals who can speak to you on the same wavelength. It would of course be best to find Forex traders in real life, but by simply finding and contacting Forex traders on Forex-related forums and message boards, you will most likely feel a lot more complete and comfortable with your Forex trading career.

By networking with other Forex traders, not only can you become less lonely, but you can also become a more profitable Forex trader. By discussing your trading behaviors with other traders, you can actually increase your profits and get more ideas. You can also share your analysis with others and such; the possibilities are endless. In fact this is why social Forex trading networks do so well, because people can literally profit through helping each other.

Forex trading can be emotionally, psychologically and even physically exhausting, especially if you are deducing losses. There are all sorts of websites, forums and such that are available for Forex traders to connect though. This can allow you to connect with Forex traders that are in the same position as you, which can help you to stay on track, focused and more motivated. You may also want to consider looking into online Forex trading groups and even tutors, mentors and coaches.

Also, don’t forget to take a break once in a while. If you are a full-time, self-employed Forex trader or you are thinking of becoming one in the near future, you should take advantage of your extra freedom and take a break once in a while, as long as it suits your Forex trading strategy. It is important to get some fresh air and spend some time with your friend and family whenever you can, or at least whenever you begin to feel lonely. Working hard is good, but you do need to play too once in a while. Breaks can actually help you to deduce profits if you think about it, since they will allow you to lead a more healthy lifestyle and you will feel much more happier. When you are happier, you will be able to focus more effectively and make better decisions.

In conclusion, some full-time, self employed Forex traders can get lonely after a while. However, there are ways to conquer Forex trading loneliness. You can find other traders locally which is ideal if possible. Alternatively, you can network with other Forex traders online through websites, groups, forums and message boards and you can even pay tutors, mentors and coaches to help you become a more profitable Forex trader. However what is probably most important of all, is taking regular breaks. Breaks will allow you to have a bit of social life and will definitely help you to stay productive when you do work; it is very difficult to work day in day out without any breaks at all, so make sure you do get some time off once in a while.


  1. True! Its hard when people around dont even understand what the hell you are saying and its worst when in the meanwhile you study economics in a third world country, they think this is like magic or something! nice post btw!

  2. Yes, I am new to this and feeling the heat. But, enjoying it. Need to socialize online for a change.


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