EzTrader review 2013, how to start trading with EzTrader.

EZTrader is owned by WGM (Win Gaming Media) company based in Cyprus. The company commenced operations in 2008. Today, EZTrader is among the leading brokers. EZTrader stands out in regards to binary trading operations because of owning a proprietary trading platform. Very few brokers have a proprietary trading platform they can call their own. It is important to note that owning a trading platform is not the only reason behind EZTrader’s success. The platform is one of the simplest to use. This fact alone has earned EZTrader many admirers (both clients and trading companies). Some trading companies have even gone as far as emulating EZTrader trading platform because of the success the platform has enjoyed. Recent changes in EZTrader’s trading platform have also contributed to the success of the company. For instance, there was a recent change in management that brought about a new lease of life in the trading platform and overall trading experience. More details on this will be shared below. Let us first take a close look at the EZTrader trading experience. How to Trade with EZTrader To start trading with EZTrader, you need to follow 5 simple steps. 1. Opening a live trading account by filling in your details. Minimum deposit is $200. 2. Select the financial instrument that you want to trade i.e. option, currency e.t.c. 3. Select a suitable type of trade i.e. Call or Put. When you place a call trade, you expect the price at expiration to be higher than the execution price. A put trade works opposite i.e. you expect the price at expiration to be lower than execution price. 4. Enter the amount you want to trade. 5. Click the execute trade button to execute the trade. Trading with EZTrader is as simple as that. You can choose any amount you want to trade with. Currently, EZTrader is offering a welcome bonus that depends on trading amount. You also get 95% earnings per trade. As mentioned above, a number of positive changes were made in the EZTrader Trading Platform when the company changed management recently. Some of the changes include; 1. A reduction in the lock-out period: Previously, the lock-out period was 15 minutes which prompted a lot of complaints from traders. Under the new management, the lock-out period is now 5 minutes which puts EZTrader at par with other leading trading platforms. 2. No more spreads: The new management […]

EToro review 2013, have they become an even better broker?

Online trading has advanced over the past few years due to advanced web technology. This has prompted the emergence of numerous online Forex brokers in the market. It is however important to note that very few brokers have stood the test of time. One such broker is EToro. The company has managed to adapt quickly to changing markets to become one of the most popular Forex brokers today. EToro has won very many awards from review companies such as World Finance, Global Banking, Finovate Fall, Finance Review and European CEO among many others. This simply shows that EToro is among the best Forex brokers in the market today. Some of the benefits of EToro include; offering traders numerous tools. EToro also has software known as Guardian Angel software which promotes responsible trading. It is also possible to copy and follow experts using the eToro Open book. EToro trading platform According to numerous customer reviews online, EToro is one of the easiest Forex trading platforms to use. This is one of the main reasons why many Forex traders prefer using EToro. The company currently offers three trading platform types namely; EToro WebTrader, EToro OpenBook and EToro Mobile Platform. 1.EToro WebTrader It is obvious that EToro has invested substantially to enhance client trading experiences through this trading platform. The WebTrader trading platform gives traders the ability to go anywhere worldwide and trade provided one has an internet connection. The platforms interface is sleek and clean which eliminates ”information overload” which is common in very many trading platforms today. The WebTrader platform also stands out because of its unique chatting feature that allows traders to chat with other traders real-time to exchange ideas. This platform is undoubtedly on its own level. 2. EToro OpenBook This is another fantastic trading platform by EToro. The OpenBook trading platform is unique in terms of including the social media aspect in the trading environment. For instance, with the Openbook trading platform, it is possible to see real-time trades of other traders. This is very important in helping you get insights and formulate your own strategies. EToro OpenBook simply shortens the trading learning curve saving you a lot of time. 3. EToro Mobile Platform As the name suggests, this trading platform is mobile based. According to numerous customer reviews online, EToro Mobile Platform is one of the best of its kind. The platform allows traders with Smartphones and/or […]

The Importance of Acknowledging the Inevitability of Losing Trades

No one wants a losing trade. Everyone seems to get at least one though. Losing is not enjoyable, but everyone gets a taste of failure once in a while. This is why it is so important to acknowledge that some trades just won’t make you any money. In fact they will make you lose money and the longer you leave them to feed on your profits, the worse off you will become. Greed is a difficult emotion to take hold of. Every Forex trader wants to be able to get as much profit in as possible. This is obvious. However, it is only the profitable Forex traders that understand that losses will come along every so often. The problem with greed, is that you will see a loss and let it run in the hopes of it turning green, but chances are it will just keep putting you deeper and deeper into the red. Loss-makers should be spotted out fast and killed off as soon as they have been identified. If you spot a loser, kill it before it is too late. You want to cut it off before it eats away at your balance. If you leave it, it will feed off your profits and potentially even wipe your account. The act of buying high and selling low, or the other way around, does feel counterproductive. It feels wrong to accept losses. When you withdraw a loss, it feels like you are cheating yourself, but you are actually doing yourself a favor. You are keeping your capital safe and it will love you for it long-term. The more you try and let your loss-makers flourish into profit-makers, the bigger your chance will be of failing in the long run. It only takes one big hit to put you out of business. Sometimes you have to ask yourself: do you want to take a small hit, or a big hit? Of course what goes through the minds of most people, is: what if I keep taking small hits, I can’t afford that?! Well, this is a problem. You can’t keep taking small hits, but chances are once you are profitable, your profits will outweigh your losses, provided you cut your losses of as soon as possible. It is sometimes difficult to do this and it is easier said than done. You will also probably eventually find yourself cutting off loss-makers, […]

Cutting Your Losses Short and Letting Your Profits Run

Two big mistakes that Forex traders make are as follows: they let their losses run and they cut their profits short. Ideally, Forex traders should be doing the complete opposite in order to make some real profits. The trouble is, when you make a profit, you want to cut it short just in case it sinks back down to a loss. It really depends on what Forex trading strategy you are adopting though, of course. If you are day trading, perhaps a quick buck (or less) will be enough for you to justify cutting a profit short to bag it and run. However, trailing stops would be more ideal for longer-term trading strategies, as they automatically adjust themselves as your profit increases, so your stops move up as your profits move up. Regardless of whether or not you take advantage of trailing stops though, your mindset should still be in the right place: think longer-term. Don’t see a profit and take it as soon as you can. If you truly believe in your trade, let it run its course before cashing out. Similarly, make sure you cut your losses. Employ stops according to your Forex trading plan, which should be clear and precise. You should know your Forex trading tactics inside-out before you even enter the markets. At the end of the day, it will be your profits and losses all added together that determine whether or not you are profitable overall. Obviously you want to be profitable. In order to become a profitable Forex trader, you do not necessarily need to make more profitable trades than loss-makers. In order to become profitable, the sum of your profitable trades need to outweigh your losses. So you might make lots more loss-makers than profit-makers, but as long as your profits are running and your losses are kept short, your profits will be able to outweigh your losses. If you think you are guilty of cutting your profits and letting your losses run, make sure you change up your Forex trading tactics so that you can ensure you aren’t leaving money on the table. The money is there to be made, you just need to be able to effectively take advantage of the opportunities the Forex markets presents to you. In conclusion, in order to become a profitable Forex trader, you don’t need to make more profitable trades than losses, you just […]

The Difference between Trading and Investing

While trading and investing might seem synonymous, they are really different things altogether. Think about it. When you are in the Forex market, what are you personally doing? Are you trading or investing? Are you placing trades, or making investments? Of course the terms can be exchanged by people and discussed in the same light. The terms can be treated as meaning the same thing. However, trading is really just about making a quick buck. It is short-term, whereas you should be thinking long-term. Investing is long-term. It is better to invest, rather than trade. What you are doing as a Forex trader, is trading Forex, but it is best to think like an investor rather than a trader. The term ‘trader’ does not have ideal connotations, whereas ‘investor’ does. While you might technically be a Forex trader, make sure that you position yourself as an investor in the Forex market. What this means is, do not go out looking for short-term money-makers, because they do not really exist. It is possible to make fast money, but it is unlikely you will be able to sustain fast money. By positioning yourself as an investor, you will start thinking long-term and caring less about what you are going to make today, or tomorrow. The richest of the rich do not talk about how much money they make per hour, or per day. The richest people talk in years. Poor people are more likely to say how much they make per hour. Richer people will more likely talk about how much they make per week or per month. People with real money talk about how much they make per year, or about their five-year plans. This does not necessarily go against short-term trading strategies though. You can still scalp or use any kind of day trading strategy you like, provided that you still ultimately think long-term. Where are you going to be years from now? Think like this, instead of thinking about how much richer you will be by the end of the week. If you do that instead, you will most likely be down by the end of the week. Fast and easy money often never shows up to the party. Stop chasing it and chase your real dreams instead. You want a big house, right? You want a nice car, right? You will not make enough to afford those things […]

Advanced Forex Trading Techniques and How to Thrive in the Financial Market

The foreign exchange serves as one of the most challenging and rewarding financial environments in the world, while it also boasts a level of diversity that few other markets can match. Most importantly, its high level of liquidity ensures that the market and its prices remain largely impervious to high volumes of trading. With this in mind, Forex currency trading offers potentially significant returns to traders who are willing to build a core base of knowledge and develop viable market skills. The level of complexity involved depends entirely on your own individual trading strategy, although there are a number of advanced techniques that offer more reliable results. With this in mind, which individual trading techniques are among the most popular in the Forex market? Consider the following three advanced Forex trading strategies to build profit: hedging, Forex news trading and position trading. For traders with a slightly risk averse approach, hedging has emerged as a genuinely viable investment technique. It is essentially a method that minimizes risk by allowing investors to position themselves on both sides of a trade simultaneously, and it is perfectly suited to the volatile movements of the Forex market. The most common example of Forex hedging occurs when a trader initiates a long and short position on the same currency pair, with a view to guaranteeing some form of return and offsetting any potential losses. Although more experienced trades may choose to hedge against two individual currency pairs, this is a complicated technique that depends on a far greater amount of variables. Forex news trading is an extremely popular method of investment, although it requires a fairly in-depth understanding of how wider economic events impact on the foreign exchange. This requires a certain amount of determinism, as traders must base their entire trading strategy on specific news events and the underlying laws that govern change in the financial market. It is a trading method most suitable to those with experience of the foreign exchange and its volatile price movements, as novice investors can struggle to understand the relationship between news and events and real time shifts in the financial markers. One of the most advanced Forex investment methods is position trading, which is fundamentally based on your overall exposure to a particular currency pair. As an investor, your position relates to the average price of a selected currency pair, which will be set across the number of individual trades that you execute. If you were to take a […]

Why People Trade Forex

If you are looking to get started in the world of Forex, you might want to learn exactly why people decide to take on such a challenge. There are actually quite a few reasons why people trade Forex and these reasons may well motivate you to get started yourself. With the stock market, you have to make sure you are up and running when the markets are open, otherwise you have no chance of actually making money, since the markets will be closed. The Forex market is unique in many ways, including the fact that it is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, closing only at weekends. This means that it does not matter what your time zone or schedule is, you can trade Forex, provided that you have some free time to dedicate to it. In Forex trading, it also really does not matter how much money you have. Minimum deposits offered by Forex brokers are pretty puny and with just a few dollars you can get started. There are lots of different positions you can take in the markets and yours can be as big or as small as you like. The availability of leverage also means you can apply lots of risk to your trades if you wish. While leverage is not compulsory, with a proper Forex trading plan in place, it can allow you to make a lot of money with what you have. It is basically borrowing money, magnifying your gains and losses. Another reason why people trade Forex, is the fact that you can do it from anywhere in the world on pretty much any device. Good Forex brokers now have platforms for not just desktop computers, but portable devices like mobiles and tablets too, so you can be trading at home or on the go. Forex trading is open to almost every country in the world too, so it does not matter where you are from in most cases. It is also simpler than other financial markets. In the stock market there are tons of different stocks you can trade, which makes it complicated. In the Forex market, there is a limited number of major currency pairs you can actually trade, so you can master a particular currency pair. Other reasons why people trade Forex include the fact that order delays are usually pretty insignificant. In other financial markets, delays […]

Protecting Your Money in Forex Trading

Forex trading is not just about making money, but also holding onto the money you make and protecting it. You can make money in Forex trading. That is all good and well if you manage too. However, it is pointless even making money if you are just as good at losing it. Lots of Forex traders lose. If you are in the industry and have at the very least made a few trades, you will know firsthand that losses are inevitable. They just happen. Remember that it is just a game of odds. You just have to bend the odds in your favor. Losses come and they can hit hard those who do not implement tactics to prevent them from being hit hard. If you want to manage your money effectively in Forex trading, there are a number of factors that you should consider. First of all, make sure you only have an amount of capital in your Forex trading account that you can afford to lose. This will also help to ensure you do not let your emotions take hold later when placing orders. Then decide how much you are willing to risk on each of your trades, in proportion to your account size. You should certainly not be risking more than 5% of your total capital per trade, or at least according to many experienced Forex traders. Of course the percentage will differ for you according to your strategy. After you have decided the amount you are happy to risk on each trade, only then would you start thinking about how to protect yourself on each trade, once you have some basic tactics in place. Now remember that you worked hard for your money, even if you can afford to lose the money in your Forex trading account. Limiting your losses is important, because money is money at the end of the day. You want to hold onto it. Ideally you want to grow it. Cutting your losses will help it grow bigger and faster. Protecting your money in Forex trading is not particularly complicated. You may or may not have heard of stops, but a stop-loss is basically the way to go if you want to protect your money. A stop-loss simply closes off your trades once you hit a certain loss, so that your loss does not become any more significant. If the markets suddenly changed […]

How to Win Forex Trades

While there are not any set steps that you can follow in order to win every single trade, there are things you can do to maximize your chances of success in the Forex market. Forex trading is difficult. If you want to win most of your trades, or at least have your profits outweigh your losses, there are some things you should consider. First of all, consider responsibility. Accepting responsibility for your trades is one important factor when it comes to winning. If you want to make money trading currencies, you will need to accept all responsibility for your actions once inside the Forex market. Never blame one of your tools or pieces of software. Never blame a book that you bought on Forex trading. Never blame the market conditions even. The markets will always change. Sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose, but accept responsibility for your wins and losses. Secondly, while you should accept responsibility for the results you get, understand that it is essentially a game of odds. You cannot tell the future. You can only predict what will happen in the Forex market. This means that losses are inevitable, so do not let losses shake you. Provided that you have a Forex trading plan with tactics in place to prevent you from losing everything, a loss is just another loss. With discipline however, you will be able to work hard to bend the odds in your favor. There will still be potential for losses on each trade you make, but the better your analysis and the harder you work at perfecting your Forex trading system, the greater your chances will be of profiting. Your Forex trading system is important and can encompass everything. As a beginner, your system will gradually develop over time most likely, but when just getting started, it is best to make sure it focuses on long-term trends rather than short-term ones. Understand support and resistance, as well as breakouts. Know all about technical indicators, or at least the basics of many and a lot about a certain few that are most suited to your system. Manage your money effectively too with good money management. Ultimately though, you should keep it as simple as you can, or it will be too complex to work with. It is better to understand an average system that to not totally understand an amazing system. Remember […]

Common Mistakes That Many Forex Traders Make

Forex traders usually make mistakes when they are experiencing some kind of anxiety, when they are not calm and not in the state to think rationally. However, sometimes mistakes can be made even unconsciously, without you even knowing that you are making them. As a Forex trader, it is worth understanding and acknowledging mistakes that many other Forex traders make, so that you can stand more of a chance of avoiding making these mistakes yourself. One common mistake made by many Forex traders, is the use of vague Forex trading plans that do not actually benefit their users at all. A Forex trading plan is supposed to clear and concise, but also specific with actual rules to follow. If your plan does have these qualities, it is probably not doing you any good. Also, having a plan is one thing, but actually following the plan is another. Many Forex traders do in fact write up acceptable plans but do not actually follow them, rendering them pretty much pointless. First carefully write up a plan and then follow it. What is also relevant on the subject of Forex trading tactics, is the use of the infamous stop-loss. If you do not set a stop-loss on your trades, you could well let your losses run you right into the ground, so to speak. Stops prevent your losses from destroying all of your capital in your account. The key in Forex trading is to cut your losses and maximize your profits. If you do not take care of your losses, they will eat you alive. Make sure to always mark a stop-loss when placing trades, no matter how good you think an opportunity is. Sometimes obsessiveness is good. Sometimes you can call it passion or dedication or even both, but other times it is just plain obsessiveness. If you lose a trade, do not get obsessed over the loss you draw, because losses are inevitable. If you start getting worked up and letting your emotions take hold, you will only end up accumulating more losses. In this sense, losses can be self-fulfilling, but only if you let your emotions get the better of you. This is a mistake that kills a lot of Forex trading careers. Remember to always trade calmly and rationally. Success will come to you in time. Always be patient. Dream big. Think big. However, do not let your ambitions […]