EZTrader is owned by WGM (Win Gaming Media) company based in Cyprus. The company commenced operations in 2008. Today, EZTrader is among the leading brokers. EZTrader stands out in regards to binary trading operations because of owning a proprietary trading platform. Very few brokers have a proprietary trading platform they can call their own.

It is important to note that owning a trading platform is not the only reason behind EZTrader’s success. The platform is one of the simplest to use. This fact alone has earned EZTrader many admirers (both clients and trading companies). Some trading companies have even gone as far as emulating EZTrader trading platform because of the success the platform has enjoyed.

Recent changes in EZTrader’s trading platform have also contributed to the success of the company. For instance, there was a recent change in management that brought about a new lease of life in the trading platform and overall trading experience. More details on this will be shared below. Let us first take a close look at the EZTrader trading experience.

How to Trade with EZTrader

To start trading with EZTrader, you need to follow 5 simple steps.

1. Opening a live trading account by filling in your details. Minimum deposit is $200.

2. Select the financial instrument that you want to trade i.e. option, currency e.t.c.

3. Select a suitable type of trade i.e. Call or Put. When you place a call trade, you expect the price at expiration to be higher than the execution price. A put trade works opposite i.e. you expect the price at expiration to be lower than execution price.

4. Enter the amount you want to trade.

5. Click the execute trade button to execute the trade.

Trading with EZTrader is as simple as that. You can choose any amount you want to trade with. Currently, EZTrader is offering a welcome bonus that depends on trading amount. You also get 95% earnings per trade.

As mentioned above, a number of positive changes were made in the EZTrader Trading Platform when the company changed management recently. Some of the changes include;

1. A reduction in the lock-out period: Previously, the lock-out period was 15 minutes which prompted a lot of complaints from traders. Under the new management, the lock-out period is now 5 minutes which puts EZTrader at par with other leading trading platforms.

2. No more spreads: The new management also scraped off spreads. Traders can now make trades at the exact execution price displayed on the trading platform. This means more profits for traders.

3. Sell option: EZTrader trading platform currently has a new sell option. This option allows traders to liquidate winning traders before expiration time helping traders lock in profits. With this new feature, traders can avoid reversal trends which wipe out profits.

4. Payout: Under the new management, payouts have been streamlined. EZTrader now has one of the best payout ratios (80%).

5. Asset list: The asset list has also increased accommodating a total 48 underlying assets such as indices, currencies, stocks, commodities e.t.c. Very few brokers can match the underlying asset variety offered by EZTrader.

6. Customer support service: In regards to customer support service, EZTrader has all the necessary channels for ensuring client enquires are handled in time. For instance, the new management added a live help phone number. There are also very many comprehensive FAQ’s which can assist both new and experienced traders.

EZTrader pros

From the above changes made by the new EZTrader management, it is obvious there are very many pros. For instance, the change in lock-out time to a record 5 minutes has to be one of the biggest pros. Another major pro is trading without spread because traders enjoy maximum profits. Another advantage of trading with EZTrader evident in many customer reviews online is the fact that traders can earn daily and targeted bonuses.

EZTrader cons

Although most online customer reviews on EZTrader are positive. There are still a few cons i.e. lack of fully functional demo account for new traders. Some new traders also feel $200 is a lot of money to open a trading account with EZTrader.


In summary, EZTrader has come a very long way since starting operations in 2008. The broker is undoubtedly one of the best in the market currently as attested by many clients/traders. Of all the trading platforms I have used for my binary option trades, EZTrader tops the list.

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