In the world of Forex trading, Forex traders used to encounter different terms and concepts including various types of brokers. If you are a newbie trader, getting familiar with different brokers is one of the best things to do. You must have the initiative to do this as your first step. Probably, you already encountered so many brokers and you are still on the process of discovering more. This time, you can learn about Plus 500. And with this Plus 500 Review 2013, you can understand the important features and the reason why you must deal with this broker.

Plus 500 is one of the famous Forex brokers and its headquarter is located in United Kingdom. Its main purpose is Forex trading, but it also offers trading in Commodities, CFDs, ETF, stocks, and Indices. At present, this broker is working with more than one million of clients across the globe. You will never hear anything from them aside from good feedback and comments. Most of its clients came from Europe and Asia. They also gained popularity in the entire America even if there is a strong competition there.

Plus 500 Advantages

In terms of useful benefits, Plus 500 can provide you a lot. This broker has so many competitors but what is amazing about it is that it was able to survive all the challenges it encountered in the industry of Forex trading. When it comes to special features, you will get amazed on how it has been created for the Forex traders.

Plus 500 Platform

The Plus 500 platform is in-house developed and uniquely created to run on various mobile devices like downloadable packages working under Windows. You may also access a platform web-based which does not actually lack any functions that are featured in some stand alone versions. Most brokers have Forex trading platforms which may be utilized on various types of devices. However, they have been forced to prevent other functions and features to make a lighter and accessible platform.

Minimum Deposits

The minimum deposit needed to make to begin your Plus 500 trading is about 100 EUR. But this time, you have a free demo account access where you may utilize it whenever you wanted. It is highly suggested using demo accounts once you already familiarized yourself with that the trading platform. You must also gain enough experience to help you begin the journey to a successful career with Plus 500.

Plus 500 Spreads

Spreads have been one of the major reasons why this broker became very popular. Plus 500 has been offering spreads that may be 2 pips or fewer. Thus, you can get a maximum profit out of the deals. Apart from that, this broker does not charge commissions which will set you free from unwanted taxes and fees.

Most forex brokers have been reliable in their own ways. But Plus 500 can also prove that it is worthy of Forex traders’ trust and money making it the best choice as your Forex trader. Adding or withdrawing funds to the Plus 500 account is now easier with the help of user-friendly interface.

You can SIGNUP with Plus 500 by clicking on this link.

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