Which brokers offer Copytrading?

Which brokers offer copytrading?

All of my loyal readers would already know what copytrading is. But, for those who don’t, copytrading is all about mirroring or copying the trades made by highly experienced and knowledgeable traders. This way, you would be in a better position to trade in a profitable manner, irrespective of how small or large scaled a trader you are! My money is making me more money, so I get lots of free time to do what I want. I’m thinking about losing weight but I need a bit of help. I was reading a Bioharmony complex plus review and I think I might order some for myself and try it. I’ll let you guys know in a future post if it worked!

Now, there are countless brokers out there that offer copytrading services. Here is a brief overview of some of the best out there:

1. Etoro
The kind of recognition and fame that Etoro holds in the trading world is simply immaculate – it cannot be matched! Etoro offers outstanding copytrading services, which are definitely going to make the entire trading experience a whole lot simpler for you. This way, you would be able to trade by copying the best traders present on the eToro trading network – the platform is fast, simple, and easy to understand. In order to get started, you would need to create an account, and then start using the investment network offered by the platform to look for the most successful traders at the moment. Once you spot a traders that you are interested in copying, the next thing that you need to do is select a position of your funds to begin investing and you’re good to go! It’s as easy as that!

2. Alpari
Alpari is amongst the most well-known names in the entire Forex world. On the whole, it also offers a truly exhilarating yet simple trading platform that is surely very easy to understand. Alpari offers a social trading platform that goes by the name of TraderConnect. This platform, along with its countless other unique features, makes it possible for traders to indulge in copytrading. You now have the opportunity to add leading traders on to your portfolio – what’s best is that doing so would allow you to AutoCopy their trades! It couldn’t get easier than that! The platform further allows you to trace open position in real time.

3. FXJunction
FXJunction also offers copytrading services that are known for being simple, and easy to use. Through this platform, you would actually be able to communication and interact with traders of all levels based across the world. When you start copytrading, you would have the opportunity to follow, copy and even autocopy some of the best, most highly experienced and knowledgeable traders on the platform.

The brokers and platforms mentioned above are some of the best in the trading world. They offer top notch copytrading services, allowing you to make maximum profits, even if you are an amateur trader!


Plus 500 Review 2013: What Makes them the Best Broker?

In the world of Forex trading, Forex traders used to encounter different terms and concepts including various types of brokers. If you are a newbie trader, getting familiar with different brokers is one of the best things to do. You must have the initiative to do this as your first step. Probably, you already encountered so many brokers and you are still on the process of discovering more. This time, you can learn about Plus 500. And with this Plus 500 Review 2013, you can understand the important features and the reason why you must deal with this broker.

Plus 500 is one of the famous Forex brokers and its headquarter is located in United Kingdom. Its main purpose is Forex trading, but it also offers trading in Commodities, CFDs, ETF, stocks, and Indices. At present, this broker is working with more than one million of clients across the globe. You will never hear anything from them aside from good feedback and comments. Most of its clients came from Europe and Asia. They also gained popularity in the entire America even if there is a strong competition there.

Plus 500 Advantages

In terms of useful benefits, Plus 500 can provide you a lot. This broker has so many competitors but what is amazing about it is that it was able to survive all the challenges it encountered in the industry of Forex trading. When it comes to special features, you will get amazed on how it has been created for the Forex traders.

Plus 500 Platform

The Plus 500 platform is in-house developed and uniquely created to run on various mobile devices like downloadable packages working under Windows. You may also access a platform web-based which does not actually lack any functions that are featured in some stand alone versions. Most brokers have Forex trading platforms which may be utilized on various types of devices. However, they have been forced to prevent other functions and features to make a lighter and accessible platform.

Minimum Deposits

The minimum deposit needed to make to begin your Plus 500 trading is about 100 EUR. But this time, you have a free demo account access where you may utilize it whenever you wanted. It is highly suggested using demo accounts once you already familiarized yourself with that the trading platform. You must also gain enough experience to help you begin the journey to a successful career with Plus 500.

Plus 500 Spreads

Spreads have been one of the major reasons why this broker became very popular. Plus 500 has been offering spreads that may be 2 pips or fewer. Thus, you can get a maximum profit out of the deals. Apart from that, this broker does not charge commissions which will set you free from unwanted taxes and fees.

Most forex brokers have been reliable in their own ways. But Plus 500 can also prove that it is worthy of Forex traders’ trust and money making it the best choice as your Forex trader. Adding or withdrawing funds to the Plus 500 account is now easier with the help of user-friendly interface.

You can SIGNUP with Plus 500 by clicking on this link.

EzTrader review 2013, how to start trading with EzTrader.

EZTrader is owned by WGM (Win Gaming Media) company based in Cyprus. The company commenced operations in 2008. Today, EZTrader is among the leading brokers. EZTrader stands out in regards to binary trading operations because of owning a proprietary trading platform. Very few brokers have a proprietary trading platform they can call their own.

It is important to note that owning a trading platform is not the only reason behind EZTrader’s success. The platform is one of the simplest to use. This fact alone has earned EZTrader many admirers (both clients and trading companies). Some trading companies have even gone as far as emulating EZTrader trading platform because of the success the platform has enjoyed.

Recent changes in EZTrader’s trading platform have also contributed to the success of the company. For instance, there was a recent change in management that brought about a new lease of life in the trading platform and overall trading experience. More details on this will be shared below. Let us first take a close look at the EZTrader trading experience.

How to Trade with EZTrader

To start trading with EZTrader, you need to follow 5 simple steps.

1. Opening a live trading account by filling in your details. Minimum deposit is $200.

2. Select the financial instrument that you want to trade i.e. option, currency e.t.c.

3. Select a suitable type of trade i.e. Call or Put. When you place a call trade, you expect the price at expiration to be higher than the execution price. A put trade works opposite i.e. you expect the price at expiration to be lower than execution price.

4. Enter the amount you want to trade.

5. Click the execute trade button to execute the trade.

Trading with EZTrader is as simple as that. You can choose any amount you want to trade with. Currently, EZTrader is offering a welcome bonus that depends on trading amount. You also get 95% earnings per trade.

As mentioned above, a number of positive changes were made in the EZTrader Trading Platform when the company changed management recently. Some of the changes include;

1. A reduction in the lock-out period: Previously, the lock-out period was 15 minutes which prompted a lot of complaints from traders. Under the new management, the lock-out period is now 5 minutes which puts EZTrader at par with other leading trading platforms.

2. No more spreads: The new management also scraped off spreads. Traders can now make trades at the exact execution price displayed on the trading platform. This means more profits for traders.

3. Sell option: EZTrader trading platform currently has a new sell option. This option allows traders to liquidate winning traders before expiration time helping traders lock in profits. With this new feature, traders can avoid reversal trends which wipe out profits.

4. Payout: Under the new management, payouts have been streamlined. EZTrader now has one of the best payout ratios (80%).

5. Asset list: The asset list has also increased accommodating a total 48 underlying assets such as indices, currencies, stocks, commodities e.t.c. Very few brokers can match the underlying asset variety offered by EZTrader.

6. Customer support service: In regards to customer support service, EZTrader has all the necessary channels for ensuring client enquires are handled in time. For instance, the new management added a live help phone number. There are also very many comprehensive FAQ’s which can assist both new and experienced traders.

EZTrader pros

From the above changes made by the new EZTrader management, it is obvious there are very many pros. For instance, the change in lock-out time to a record 5 minutes has to be one of the biggest pros. Another major pro is trading without spread because traders enjoy maximum profits. Another advantage of trading with EZTrader evident in many customer reviews online is the fact that traders can earn daily and targeted bonuses.

EZTrader cons

Although most online customer reviews on EZTrader are positive. There are still a few cons i.e. lack of fully functional demo account for new traders. Some new traders also feel $200 is a lot of money to open a trading account with EZTrader.


In summary, EZTrader has come a very long way since starting operations in 2008. The broker is undoubtedly one of the best in the market currently as attested by many clients/traders. Of all the trading platforms I have used for my binary option trades, EZTrader tops the list.

EToro review 2013, have they become an even better broker?

Online trading has advanced over the past few years due to advanced web technology. This has prompted the emergence of numerous online Forex brokers in the market. It is however important to note that very few brokers have stood the test of time. One such broker is EToro.

The company has managed to adapt quickly to changing markets to become one of the most popular Forex brokers today. EToro has won very many awards from review companies such as World Finance, Global Banking, Finovate Fall, Finance Review and European CEO among many others.

This simply shows that EToro is among the best Forex brokers in the market today. Some of the benefits of EToro include; offering traders numerous tools. EToro also has software known as Guardian Angel software which promotes responsible trading. It is also possible to copy and follow experts using the eToro Open book.

EToro trading platform

According to numerous customer reviews online, EToro is one of the easiest Forex trading platforms to use. This is one of the main reasons why many Forex traders prefer using EToro. The company currently offers three trading platform types namely; EToro WebTrader, EToro OpenBook and EToro Mobile Platform.

1.EToro WebTrader

It is obvious that EToro has invested substantially to enhance client trading experiences through this trading platform. The WebTrader trading platform gives traders the ability to go anywhere worldwide and trade provided one has an internet connection. The platforms interface is sleek and clean which eliminates ”information overload” which is common in very many trading platforms today. The WebTrader platform also stands out because of its unique chatting feature that allows traders to chat with other traders real-time to exchange ideas. This platform is undoubtedly on its own level.

2. EToro OpenBook

This is another fantastic trading platform by EToro. The OpenBook trading platform is unique in terms of including the social media aspect in the trading environment. For instance, with the Openbook trading platform, it is possible to see real-time trades of other traders. This is very important in helping you get insights and formulate your own strategies. EToro OpenBook simply shortens the trading learning curve saving you a lot of time.

3. EToro Mobile Platform

As the name suggests, this trading platform is mobile based. According to numerous customer reviews online, EToro Mobile Platform is one of the best of its kind. The platform allows traders with Smartphones and/or tablets to trade using the OpenBook and WebTrader platforms. Most brokers lack mobile based platforms which offer traders convenience. This mobile trading platform is another important reason why most traders prefer EToro.

EToro Trading accounts

There are 4 main trading accounts offered by EToro. These include; Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP trading accounts for basic, intermediate, advanced and professional levels respectively. As the names suggest, different accounts cater for different clientele categories.

It is important to note that traders can get more features and benefits when they fund their accounts with more money. For instance, the Bronze trading account is for traders who deposit less than $1000. VIP accounts are for traders who deposit $20,000 or more. It is also important to note that EToro offers other trading account types i.e. Islamic trading account. This type of specialized account is for Muslim traders who prefer trading guided by the no ”Riba” principle.

EToro spreads and commissions

EToro charges very small spreads. This fact can be attested by very many traders who prefer EToro trading platforms over many other platforms simply because of spread. It is also important to note that EToro doesn’t charge rollover fees/commissions for trades which are opened for a prolonged period of time i.e. overnight.


Customer support

EToro offers 24 hour support 5 days a week (weekdays) to live and demo account customers. You have the option of calling, emailing or chatting live with an EToro customer support representative if you have any questions or enquiries. EToro also has a conclusive FAQ’s section which has answers to all common questions different kinds of traders ask. In regards to customer support, EToro is highly rated according to numerous customer reviews.


EToro is also ahead of the pack in regards to reliability. EToro goes the extra mile to ensure that traders execute trades seamlessly. Funding live accounts and withdrawing is also simple because of the numerous funding/withdrawal methods EToro allows. You can use any acceptable payment/withdrawal means you can think of i.e. PayPal, credit card, Money Gram, Webmoney, Western Union e.t.c.


In summary, EToro is undoubtedly one of the best Forex brokers in the market today. The main pros of the broker are evident in the above discussions. Other pros include; high leverage (400:1), low minimum deposit ($50), low spread, social networking e.t.c. It is important to note that EToro cons are very rare. The most common con is the real-time nature of the trading platforms i.e. slow internet means low trading capability. Apart from that, the platform is highly recommendable.

You can Sign-up with EToro here.

Why Choosing a Forex Broker Is Important

Choosing a Forex broker is an important part of your Forex trading career. There are many things to consider when choosing a Forex broker and the broker you do choose, can ultimately affect your profits.

Of course whether you make losses or profits is really down to you. You need to take a professional approach to Forex trading and be responsible. However, choosing the right Forex broker for you is important and your broker is one of the bigger factors when it comes to your actual results in the Forex market. If you are going to be scalping, although it is recommended that you refrain from scalping especially if you are a beginner, a broker with fast order filling and tight spreads is what you are going to be looking for.

If on the other hand you are going to be using longer-term Forex trading strategies, fast order filling and tight spreads won’t be as important to you as perhaps the availability of leverage. Different Forex traders will be looking for different features and capabilities when searching for Forex brokers to sign up to.

Before you choose a Forex broker, it is highly recommended that you already know for sure what kind of trading strategy you are going to implement. This will really help you when looking at brokers. You need to choose a broker that won’t let you down in future and will always provide you with a good service, which means good customer service too, as you will most likely need it some time in the future.

Remember, you can always switch brokers in the future: you have the right to move to another broker whenever you desire. So when you take this into account, choosing a Forex broker isn’t as important. However, it is still important because most Forex traders don’t bother to change brokers and changing your broker just wastes your precious time. It’s a good idea to put some effort into choosing your Forex brokers in the beginning. Forex traders might only leave their brokers because they are encountering some serious problems too: you obviously don’t want to ever be in this position yourself.

In conclusion, choosing a Forex broker is an important part of the process of becoming a successful Forex trader. If you want to maximize your chances of success in the Forex market and you most likely will, you will want to put in the effort and make sure that you choose a Forex broker that is the best for you. Choosing brokers can take a while, especially when you start researching their company histories and making sure they are regulated by a relevant regulatory authority. However, you just need to think logically in most cases. One good tip is to sign up for a demo account before trading real, live currencies. This will allow you to test a broker’s services without having to spend any money. If a broker doesn’t offer free and unlimited demo accounts, you might want to keep walking until you find one that does offer them.

Desktop Forex Trading Platforms

Forex brokers nowadays have pretty powerful trading platforms. With some brokers, you will be able to trade from pretty much anywhere using any kind of device that has an internet connection. However, some Forex traders still prefer to use desktop Forex trading platforms for a number of reasons.

Desktop Forex trading platforms are basically just standalone applications that you can use on your computer, in order to access your Forex trading account and start placing orders. They are to be installed on your computer system after being downloaded from your Forex broker.

Lots of Forex traders use web-based trading platforms and these do have their advantages. One advantage of these types of platforms, is that you can use them from any computer connected to the internet. With mobile trading platforms, you can trade Forex wherever you can get an internet connection on your phone, so these types of platforms have clear advantages too.

However, having said all of this, desktop Forex trading platforms do have their advantages too. While you won’t be able to freely use them whenever and wherever, they tend to be more powerful and feature-rich. Web-based and mobile Forex trading platforms are generally not as powerful and usually have less features than standalone software.

Desktop Forex trading platforms will also tend to be faster and more stable. Usually other types of trading platforms, like web-based ones, will lag more than standalone desktop platforms. Non-desktop Forex trading platforms can also update automatically and sometimes this can cause Forex traders problems. Desktop software is just thought to be safer and more stable, as well speedier.

If you are serious about Forex trading, you will most likely want to use a standalone, desktop Forex trading platform. However, even if you are serious about trading currencies, you will still most likely want to also take advantage of the various other trading platforms available, which are offered by your broker. You might not want to make big decisions using just your mobile, but you still might want to use your Forex broker’s mobile trading platform to monitor your trades while you are out and about, for example.

If your broker doesn’t offer various trading platforms, then you might want to consider moving to another broker, especially if it is important to you. If you trade Forex but also travel a lot, or you work long hours away from your computer, a mobile-based Forex trading platform might be quite important to you.

In conclusion, desktop Forex trading platforms are standalone software applications that Forex traders use to trade currencies on their computers. They are seen to be the more professional solution to trading currencies and usually outdo other types of trading platforms, like mobile and web-based ones. Standalone Forex trading platforms tend to be more stable, fast and feature-rich. However, other types of trading platforms can certainly still prove to be useful. You might only be interested in having a desktop Forex trading platform, but if your Forex broker offers web-based and mobile trading platforms, you may as well take advantage of them.

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